Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dawn till Dusk

As Andy the painter has been on the mend, we have been taking the door inner frames and external hatches up to him for painting........And what a job he has done for us...

When we collected them we both had a tear in our eye, as it was just what we wanted. As you can see the castles are done at two times of day, dawn and dusk. The roses are traditional but modern.

We then trundled down to Fernwood with them and was pleased to see the top half of Derwent6 painted....We just had to try the door frames on, and don't they look fab.

We had a appointment to see Julia and Ken, but they had to go out on a field visit. We also wanted to see the upholstery guy and he was on holiday till next week. Still, we had the boat to ourselves and was able to crawl all over it and live it for a bit.

We could see that the dayroom seating frame had been worked on, with storage for the extra chairs to fit down the the side.

Also in the engine room the electrician had just turned up as we did, and was fitting the shoreline RCD unit. The heating boiler and immersion had been fitted and some work to the engine had been carried out (but still nowhere near running yet)
There still seems a hell of a lot to do if Derwent6 is to go out at the end of the month, so watch this space.


Wozie said...

Wow, things are really coming along quite quickly now. The flowers, castles and paintwork look fabulous!
I like your corner cupboard too.

Anonymous said...

We can't believe how things have come along over the past few weeks while we've been away. (Tried to send greetings from Madeira, but Internet connection wasn't having any of it!) Anyway, Derwent6 is really looking GREAT! And very impressed with the design paintwork.

Hope to catch up very soon.

Joy & Steve x

Kitty said...

Well said.