Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cupboard, Bolts and Lighting, very very exciting.

Derwent6 is now the next boat out of the workshop at Fernwood and they have all hands to the pumps.

Rob and Chris have done a great job on the interior and Ken has carried on with the paintwork. We were also introduced to Simon the new guy on the team, who seems a really nice fella.

We had quite a nice shock when we walked into the saloon and saw the galley just how we imaged it.

As you can see the glass cupboards are fitted with their lights inside and underneath, and also the LED down lighters are now fitted in the roof.

The corner cupboard in the galley has now been changed from a hinged to a slide out version, due to the fact it wouldn't open fully and has allowed better access to the two drawers behind. This is held in place by the bolt to stop it sliding out on it's own.

The cream cupboard door fronts have also arrived and the cooker has now been ordered.

Also Sam has started on getting the engine wet fitted, which means fitting the engine cooling system to the central heating system and adding the fuel pipes, propeller etc.

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