Friday, July 11, 2008

Bed and Breakfast

Things are really starting to move on now!
The Galley and the bed base has been fitted, the roof has been painted, but as you can see the water tank is still not fitted. We went up to confirm appliances and radiators, which will be ordered shortly.
The Butler sink has been fitted with the wooden worktops, and the cupboard you are looking at slides across to meet the other side to create another work surface.

The fridge will fit along side the sink and on the other side a draw and cupboard. We still have to finalise the taps and drainer, so another job next week.

The other advancement is the bedroom, which now has the base fitted with it's sliding mechanism to allow it to pull out to a five foot bed.

You can see that the leg pulls out with the frame. The mattress will be made out of layers of memory foam which will fold down under the gunnel. There are two drawers with space behind for long term storage.

The overhead lockers are now starting to look the part,with space for socks, pants and T shirts etc.
The Roof has now had it's first coat of paint, so you can get some idea for the colour.

The side doors have now been made up for painting, so we need to find a painter to do the Roses and Castles.

We have also got to find another gas hob, as the one we first picked is to big and does not have a flame device on all four burners. (just when you think you've got it sorted)


Keith (nb Oakfield) said...

Looking good......................and the boat. ;)

Kev said...

Hi del/Al,
Wow your boat is really starting to take shape now, it wont be long before your cruising, bet your getting really excited now eh?
Kev & Ann (4evermoore)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Just popped in for a butchers to see whats happening. If it aint too late, I recommend that you get them to extend the lip around the side hatch roof opening. This will mean that the roof hatch will need jacking up a bit, but better that than have the water easily run over the lip when washing the cabin roof down. Chris.

Del & Al said...

Thanks guys for all your comments!
Excited or what!

Chris, we did ask Jim to drop the lip on the roof hatch, but we could always run a small rubber from that lip if it bothers us. Lets hope it don't rain when we're on the cut.

Anonymous said...

Get that rubber ready!