Sunday, July 06, 2008

Anchor's Away

We have just picked up the 20kg Anchor for Derwent6. We have gone for a folding type which is very light and can be stowed away very easily. It comes in a small yellow bag and takes about 30 seconds to assemble.

We were very lucky with the price as they let us have it for last years price's and as we collected it there were no delivery charge's. This anchor can be used with weighted rope, so a chain does'nt have to be used. They also threw in a key saver floating key fob, Good service don't you think!

As for Derwent6 and Fernwood, we are up to the boat next week to see the progress, and we can't wait!!!!!


bottle said...

OOO!! OOO!!! can I come too.

Our approved shell plan has been returned to Fernwood, for onward passing to J. Wilson.

It does get exciting the closer we get to actually having something touchable.

Keith & Ann (nb. Oakfield)

Del & Al said...

Hi Keith and Ann

Im sure you have been crawling all over Derwent6 on your visits to Fernwood, just like we have with the other boats in the workshop. If you haven't then feel free to do so.
We know how you must be feeling as it get closer to the shell build (it all becomes so real).
Hopefully we're get together before then.