Monday, June 09, 2008

What a feeling the've started on the ceiling

We went up to Fernwood last week and more floor boards had been laid and the roof woodwork had been installed. Once again we checked the head height and were happy with the clearance.
The dayroom and the bedroom has now been panelled out, but this will all come out again at a later date. Also the saloon has been worked on.

We got a call saying we needed another mushroom vent in the roof at the galley which means we will be now having ten (that's a hell of a lot of brass cleaning) but we got it's location sorted in the end.
We are now trying to sort out the paint colours, which are done in hard two pack enamel paints. Looking at colour charts is not the easiest thing to do and we need to make sure it is right, so we will be checking this out with Ken the next time we go up. We know the colours, but it's just getting the shade right.

The 180 gallon water tank turned up as well, this had to be specially made to fit into the bow and under the cratch deck, which had been specially lowered to allow for this bigger tank.

As for us we have now been with Alison's parents for a week and are learning how to share the shower. But we must say we love the tea in bed and the good English breakfast in the morning..... could get used to this !!!!


Keith & Ann (Oakfield) said...


Good to see that you are 'tanking' along with the build.

Steve said...

Hey I remember the "move out" it was harder than I thought - mixed emotions of sadness and excitement.
10 Mushrooms!! I've got 4 and 2 pidgeon boxes, and that's too much brass cleaning!!
Derwent6 is looking good

Del & Al said...

Hi Keith & Ann, yep its moving along at a great pace....

Del & Al said...

Hi Steve, yep Brasso is on the xmas pressie list already !!!