Friday, June 13, 2008

The seating, which paint, and the wardrobe

Well things are now moving on... as we walked in the seating was being made up by Stuart for the dayroom, so we had to decide which freezer was going in, so the design of the bed configuration could be sorted out. We were then taken by Julia to the upholsterers workshop to pick the fabric (which we were having trouble with)
And came up with this, which ticked all the boxes to give us that rich, warm, comfy feeling we want from the dayroom. We were both quite excited about it.....

On our last visit to Fernwood, we had to make a decision on the paint and Ken had very kindly done some sprayouts for us. (a lot of spray gun cleaning)

So as the colours are very traditional, it was not too hard making up our minds. This is how these colours will be used.
When you go through the boat now you start to get a feeling that it will be a home, and although one of our team was away on holiday, Chris and Stuart had been working hard on the panelwork and the bedroom in particular.

The wardrobe had been put into place and we could see how much space we had in there (not a lot, but more than expected)
This will have a by-folding door which will open up onto the chest of drawers, and it will also give us access to the shower pump. We were suprised to see some extra storage above the wardrobe as well.

We now have been given the task of how the side and stern doors need to look (ie either traditional blocks added to them or inserts). We also need to find a painter for the right style of signwriting for the exterior side panels, roses and castles and the engine room decoration. Ummm ......................

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