Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Our Christmas Day

 As it was our first Christmas on Derwent6 in twelve years we thought we would share it with you.. 

We had our morning tea in bed as usual and then Del got the fire roaring and Al prepped and put the turkey in the oven..

We then opened our presents and then Al prepared the veggies with our Christmas songs playing in the background.. 


While dinner was being cooked we spent a lot of time replying to all our friends and family and the smell of Christmas dinner cooking was amazing.. 

And the Christmas Pudding was steaming on the fire.

The result was WOW!

The table was ready and dinner was served, with the wine of course..

It was fantastic and we over ate as always.. 

 Then we had Christmas Pudding. 


It was a nice cold day and the frost made it feel very Christmassy