Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Detox and Diet

So we are back on Derwent6 warm and snug for now.. We have decided to stay in the marina as the doctors appointment Del had just after new year has had to be moved to a week later.. Its not a bad thing with all the mud out there, and Del still has some work to do on the engine again..
So we made the most of our last days with the car and decided to change the LED lights throughout Derwent6 as they were getting a bit dim and some were going out or flickering..

Also the surrounds had started to tarnish and were looking tatty.. Well what a difference it has made, its like daylight now right through to the engine room..

Then there's us, and health is high on our list this year..
 Del had some scans before Christmas for a lump that had appeared on his stomach, but it turned out it was just fatty skin, nothing new there then!!

At he same time they also picked up that he had a slightly enlarged prostate and so blood tests will have to be done to check this is ok. Also on the scan they picked up that there was a lot of gas in his stomach, and anyone who knows Del well will know how much gas he has, again nothing new there then.. But he suffers from bloating and acid reflux so it is time to get this sorted..

So dry January it is (and possibly into February) and we are on a mission to lose weight after a binge at Christmas.. So now it is just bringing the washing up to date and doing little jobs around Derwent6..
We had planned to go out and see Eric again down the pub for open mic, but the weather was so bad and Al has been dealing with a bout of sinusitis, so we didn't fancy the walk..


Jo Lodge said...

Hi to you both.

We hope that the New Year and decade is kind to you both health wise and cruising. Jo & Keith x

Unknown said...

Hi guys
Do you remember us Dave n Sue off NB Cole. Dave had vertigo and we were a route to take the boat to be grit blasted. Hope you are ok. You never know we just might bump into each other sometime x

Unknown said...


Del and Al said...

Hi Jo, thank you, and to you and Keith too x

Del and Al said...

Hello Dave & Sue, yes! we do remember you. Hope Dave's vertigo is behaving itself. We've taken a little break from blogging as we have sadly had a death in the family, but we are now blogging again. Lovely to hear from you and hope to see you sometime out on the cut x

Unknown said...

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