Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Derwent6 is Eleven years old today!

Can you believe it, Derwent6 is now eleven years old, and it still feels like the first time we set sail in her.
Where has that gone? She first went in the water at Debdale and then we had the launch party at Foxton where Derwent6 got its first taste of beer..

We turned up in a large white van and unloaded our boxes into the saloon and were mega excited..  We can still remember when Derwent6 was a drawing and here we are still living the dream..

We are still working on the snagging list even though Fernwood don't exist any more.. But Derwent6 has matured and now has a lot more character and has been lived in, loved and travelled the country..
Yep she's a little older, with battle scars and the odd rust spots from dealing with our adverse weather, but in general she don't look too bad..
Here's to the next eleven years (raise a glass) Cheer's!!


nb AmyJo said...

Happy birthday Derwent6! She still looks good so you both are treating her well. Heres to the next 11 years

Del and Al said...

Thanks guys!

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