Monday, February 04, 2019

40 Years Together today

Yep on the 3rd of February 1979 Del asked Al out at Shoreham Village Hall in Kent. Who would have thought we would have had the adventures we have had..
We have both worked hard and feel we are reaping the rewards from that, lets just hope we keep healthy and get a few more adventures in..
We had another cold night and relaxed in the morning before we decided to go for a walk to the pub for a Sunday lunch celebration.

It wasn't that muddy as we walked across the fields as it was frozen, but you did have to mind your ankles.
The canal was rock solid so no movement there.
We got to the pub where we had booked a table, and they didn't let us down with great service and fantastic food..

We then walked back and it had warmed up quite a bit which made it boggy under foot.
Del then watched the football while Al sorted out some clothes ready for the Spring all under a watchful eye..

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