Friday, February 24, 2017

We're back!

Wow where do we start, it's been a long two years off the cut, but we are now back, living on Derwent6..
This all started with Al losing her Dad in 2014 and us giving up Derwent6 to look after her Mum back in Shoreham in Kent.. Anyone who says caring is easy, is lying. Al found it very difficult as she watched her Mum, who had Alzheimer's, get worse by the week, and Del couldn't handle things at times, but had Derwent6 to recover to. Pam had to be hoisted everywhere and in the end couldn't be taken out of her own home..
We lost Pam in January 2016 and she died in the house she loved, which was Al's Dads wishes, and we had made a promise we would do it for him.. another promise was that their ashes were scattered in Shoreham together.
Then it was probate, and going through the house, and this takes a long time because of your emotions.. Al was fantastic in sorting things out, having good days and bad days..  This was the house she was born in and a decision had to be made, do we keep it or put it up for sale..
Al and her sister Jo made the decision to sell, so a plan was made to make a few changes to do it up to sell.. With a bit of painting and carpets and wallpapering it smartened things up a little, and in October it went on the market.. It sold in five days!!
Then it was sorting out the furniture so it all had homes to go to (as it wouldn't' fit on a narrowboat), but we couldn't empty the house in case things fell through... Things were held up as the 1857 cottage had never been registered, but in February 2017 we signed contracts..
Al still can't believe she signed away the house we all loved and have so many great memories from, but it was competing with our love of life on the waterways, and our love of Derwent6 our home..
We had a date to move out of Tuesday 21st of February and we decided to leave on Monday 20th so we could take our time moving out.
As the house became empty things became a bit easier, and with the rooms empty it appeared to be smaller, reminding us of Derwent6. We had one last walk around the village and then came back and soaked up the memories in every room, and in the garden..
Then came the moment when you leave the keys on the kitchen sides and close the front door for the last time, yes their were lots of tears, and Tooty looked confused!
It was funny because as we got closer to home, things became a little clearer. The car was loaded up with the last of our processions and we had that feeling you always get when you get back to the canal, it was calming, tranquil, and peaceful... it was lovely to be home!!
So here we are, slowly unloading the car bit by bit and realising we still have too much STUFF, but we are warm, cosy and content. We did plan to get out but the weather isn't on our side and it also gives us the chance to do other things.. What this space! Oh and yes the cat Tooty is with us..


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!
Rog and Jane
nb Paneke

nb AmyJo said...

Welcome home!!! We missed you terribly. Now yu can have some time for yourselves again. Look forward to our next meet. Hope Del's knee opt has been a success by the way. See you on the cut sometime.

Anonymous said...

best wishes for the future.

Carol said...

Welcome back to the cut, hope all your roads are good for you both. xx

KevinTOO said...

It's good to see you back, you've been missed ;)

Paul and El said...

Welcome back, I can feel the draw of the canals myself and am sure that one day I will return too xx

Halfie said...

It must have been hard leaving the family home behind, with its memories of good times and loved ones, so may your return to the cut be what you need to help you move on. Welcome back.

Del and Al said...

Thanks everyone, it feels good to be back on Derwent6, hope to see you all on the cut.....

Amanda said...

Looking forward to reading your travels again.

Judith nb Serena said...

Welcome back to the life you love. Looking forward to reading about your travels again. The last two years can't have been easy for you but now it's your time. Enjoy.
Judith and John nb Serena

Elsie said...

Welcome back love Elsie and Eric x

Oakie said...

Welcome back. I have been wondering what happened to you and was about to ask Sue and Vic on NPXL if they knew. Not an easy time to go through by any means, but now it's all over and you can enjoy what you love once more.
Ray. nb Stronghold

goodwind said...

Good to see you getting back in the swing of it, must have been terribly hard to see the house go, hope the knee is doing well!

All the best for 2017!!