Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Alf home, but all's not well yet

Just a quick update.. Al's Dad Alf came out of hospital on Friday 3rd October but on collecting him he was complaining again of some back pain... On his discharge letter we were told some good news that the dark spots on his spine where nothing to worry about, good news at last, no one seems to want to tell us good news..
We got him home and he was with his wife Pamela again, she was so pleased to see him.
He was ok for 24 hours, until his back pain got worse again, and we ended up having to call out a emergency doctor, who was convinced it was muscular and had to put him back on morphine, this seemed to ease the problem, but he still couldn't eat.. He has gone from thirteen stone to nine and he has only had soup and eggs...  Since then he has got slightly better each day, but is still in bed.. We have managed to get some care for him but Al is going to stay with him to keep a eye on progress till he is strong enough to get about and care for her Mum.. He has fallen over even when walking with a zimmer, and still has other issues.. He was unable to go back to Kings on Monday for his cancer treatment so that has been put back a couple of weeks... Del stayed for a couple of weeks helping out.......
Back on Derwent6, Del is now getting Derwent6 ready for the winter and will be changing the antifreeze on the engine and also servicing the central heating boiler and getting antifreeze in the system. We lit the fire for the first time, so kindling has to found and chopped.....Finally a big thank you for all your messages, phone calls and texts, we so appreciate all the support.........


Ann nb Oakfield said...

Awww, what a lovely pic, there's no place like home to make you feel better, is there?

Alison said...

I'm with Ann! Being home always makes you feel better. It is such a lovely picture of your Mum and Dad. You can see so much love in their eyes for each other

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

OMG! Busy with our own issues, we've not had five seconds to catch up with other boaters in weeks. Go Al!! Good thing you researched your dad's symptoms and held the doctors' feet to the fire.

As to his weight: order some Solgar brand whey powder--chocolate tastes best (the vanilla is nasty.) It is used in cancer therapy as total parenteral nutrition (TNP) for patients who cannot eat. Whey powder builds muscle and also helps fight cancer--it needs to be cross flow micro flotation--which is why I suggest Solgar brand. Amazon carries it.

Whey powder has the highest biological value of any protein source available. I make Les smoothies with it daily. Email me if you want other suggestions or details on how Whey can help your dad.
Much love to you both,