Monday, January 06, 2014

The Dangers of Boating

We should have moved today but to be honest it has been too dangerous with the high winds and heavy rain.. You still get the idiots that feel they are better than everyone else, who push off and then whack the side of you, or the guy who goes past you sideways hitting the bridge because they weren't made to go sideways through..
We have enough coal and wood to last a few days so we have sat tight, loosening off the ropes when needed. Del emptied the bilge out, because the rain we had had gone over the hatch cover and flooded the engine bay.. but things were all Ok.. Al went into Daventry on the bus and got some extra bits for us to enjoy. We have both decided we need to lose some weight after the Christmas binge so we will do what we done last year and slow down on the drinking on Derwent6.
We were sad to hear about Spike and his dog Millie at Banbury on the tramways, who has been found dead from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. We feel sad today as we got to know him as he walked his dog past us everyday out in the countryside there, he was a smashing fellow and it just highlights the potential dangers of living on a boat.. Derwent6 has a CO alarm, and two fire alarms...... R.I.P Spike, boating in the skies..
We had a lot going on last year, as all our followers will know, and this year won't be any different, except we plan to travel and do a bit more boating.. Del managed to get the wood we had on the roof chopped up today but he is having trouble with his back again.. He has been struggling with sciatica which is due to a trapped nerve that works round your back, groin and runs down your legs making it hard to walk and bend.. Exercise is the best fix.. and we get plenty of that..
We have now found out that it is going to be bad on Sunday night so we will be staying put for the next 48 hours.. Itching to move again now!!!

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