Friday, November 01, 2013

A Long Day to Fenny

We set off early on the Wednesday and had to turn round, so we did the lift bridge and lock in Banbury before we turned at the tramways.. As we turned we spotted Dusty the coalboat getting loaded by Tom so we pulled alongside for diesel..
We then moved along for a top up of water just before going through the lock..
We then pushed on and it seemed to get very busy all of a sudden..
We got to the first lock and we had a queue of four boats and about seven people helping us through the lock..
We got to Cropredy with no problems and with Thomas's help, in record time (not that we were rushing) but we decided to plough on..
It was risky as the nights draw in so quickly and mooring are scarce in this area..
 But we made it just as it was getting dark but had to moor on the end.
After a quick shower we went up the pub for the Two for a Tenner offer.. Thomas enjoyed it as we could play Domino's while we waited for our food to arrive..
We got back to Derwent6 exhausted again and fell into bed, with another early start tomorrow...

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