Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Stop Start Day

We set off early this morning, if you call 8.30am early.
We had a very full waste tank and needed to empty it as soon as we could . We made our way through the first lock at Twyford bridge and then got to Twyford Wharf where we noticed a £15.00 pump out and had been given a tip on how good it was.. It is a bit shallow round here but we got in ok in the end. They tip off was right as it is only a little machine but did give us a good pumpout and we managed to flush the tank clean which is a first this year.
We then got through Kings Sutton lock and moored again at the pig farm at Nell bridge in the hope we could use the shop and fill with water there..
We could use the shop and brought some lovely pork sausages and some lovely bacon., but they had stopped boaters using the water tap due to the hot weather and the pigs came first..
We set off again and covered the river Cherwell section, and soon got to Aynho where we stopped again for water at the marina there.
We topped up with diesel and got a few things in the shop. As you can imagine it took a long time to fill the tank and it wasn't long before another boat came along... It turned out to be Paul and Elaine with the two dogs on n.b. Caxton ( Manly Ferry) and while we filled with water we chatted with them.. 
They pulled onto our spot as we pulled away and we then looked for a place to moor. We found a nice mooring with some lovely views and where it gets a nice breeze. Al got her washing out straight away and we soon had some needed lunch..
We chilled with the paper and sat in the sunshine as it broke through the clouds.  As the evenings draw in a lot quicker now we watched some telly later. Mmmm we think it's another nice day tomorrow.......what a summer we are having!!!!

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