Sunday, May 12, 2013

Up to Foxton for a treat

The next morning we were ready to go at 10.30am after we had had some breakfast. We headed up towards Foxton Locks which is where Derwent6 had its launch party. Tanya supplied us with teas and coffee on the way..
We soon entered the Husband Bosworth tunnel and passed two boats on the way through..
 It was a pleasant day with some light showers but it didn't bother any of us..
We arrived at Foxton Locks at 1.00pm and managed to wind in the wind which was getting stronger. In the afternoon Sam and Tanya had a good walk round Foxton while we chilled out in the sunny periods we had..
In the evening we all walked down to The Foxton Inn just as the weather had started to turn..It had got very windy and had started to rain..
When we got there, we were treated to a lovely meal by Tanya and Sam with some support from their parents.. Thanks guys!!
We walked back in the dark and had coffee and chatted till we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer.

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