Monday, September 19, 2011

All Tanks Sorted

When we tried the taps this morning the pump was groaning and the tap spitting at us letting us know we were very low on water. The gauge was showing two and must have stuck so this made our mind up to move today. We first set off up to the water point at Shiplake lock, it was nice to be cruising again. As we were filling with water two other boats turned up to do the same. Derwent6 has a 500 litre tank and takes a while to fill. Al had a solution of offering them our old magazines to read while they waited, and it worked. We had planned to have a pumpout here as well but it wasn't working. We then made our way back to Reading, and through Sonning Lock, to fill up with diesel as we were getting very low on that as well. We pulled up on the pontoon at the marina, and yep you guessed it, they had run out of diesel over the weekend. They were due a delivery at 3.00pm, so we made our way over to Tesco's to pass the time, and top up the cupboards. Better boating is one of the cheapest marina's for diesel on the Thames, so it was worth waiting for. We also had our pumpout there as well. It was now getting late so we made our way back to Sonning and were lucky enough to get on our mooring when we got there.

With our tanks all sorted we relaxed in the evening watching the birds writing MUM in the sky, wonder what that means.


Anonymous said...

check the price at bridge boats

Ray Oakhill said...

Passed you today and gave you a wavy davy, which you returned. I am having a fuel consumption problem with my Axiom and have only just realised that you have one too. Please can you make contact?

Ray Oakhill said...

Forgot to say that my boat is NB Stronghold, Pelican Wharf, Wey Navigation. You may just remember it - green and cream.