Friday, May 07, 2010

Descending Lapworth

After getting up late due to the fact we stayed up and watched the election, we never set off until midday. The sun was trying to come out, but it still felt cold so hats and coats had to be worn. We took a slow cruise through the tree lined cuttings and soon got to the first lift bridge at Hockley Heath. At the second lift bridge we were lucky enough to pass a hire boat in front of us, as they stopped for lunch, and we had the top lock of Lapworth in our favour. This was the case for the first eight locks of the nineteen we were descending. These locks are a bit unusual due to the fact the bridges across the locks have a gap in them. This was so the towing rope could be dropped between them with having to be unhooked. At the bottom we turned left at Kingswood junction which was a bit tricky in the wind that was beginning to pick up. We then looked for a decent mooring, as we could see the rain coming and were lucky enough to find one with a tv signal. We then had dinner with some telly and put our feet up... we felt we deserved it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it wasn't all that chocolate you ate that made you oversleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Terryxxxx

Del and Al said...

looooool it probably was, it was like Easter & Christmas all at once! xxx