Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Go when the sunshines

After getting rid of the rubbish and filling up the coal scuttle we set off while there were blue patches in the sky. We made our way through Gas Locks one and two, and then onto Northwood. The sun started to come out and it was a lot warmer then yesterday so we pushed on. We then passed a moored boat and a women stuck her head out the window and said we will follow you through. They helped us get through the last three locks and we then parted at Cowroast where we decided to get diesel and a gas bottle. They were really nice in there and had no problem with self declaration. We used the Chandrey and picked up a large bottle of Brasso (Derwent6 uses a lot of Brasso) and loo tank cleaner. We found a nice place to moor and gave Derwent6 a wipe down just before the heavens opened, how lucky was that!!!!!

We then put up the Christmas decs, and had dinner before settling in for the night with the sound of the rain tapping on the roof....Cozy!


Keith and Jo Lodge said...

Pleased to hear, we are not the only ones with our decs up. Ours went up on the 1st December. Happy Cruising, stay safe and warm Jo xxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo, good for you. Just like you, we love christmas, and it doesen't last long so you have to make the most of it lol. Hope to see you soon xx