Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blacking, Bathroom and Bikes

When arriving at Fernwood this week we were greeted by our bathroom shower unit being tested outside for leaks. Umm nice! This is done so that when this is fitted into Derwent6 there should be no problems behind all the panels and laminate.

The first thing we noticed was that the blacking had been done so the paintwork was nearing completion.
The bow looked great and the cratch doors had been fitted and oiled....

When walking into Derwent6 you could see that the brass porthole liners had been fitted and galley worktops had been oiled. Work had been done to the entrance and step. Some extra storage had been made here with access to the side and rear of all the electrical units.

When going into the bathroom, the sink had been fitted, the laminate to the roof had been done and as we said, Chris was working on the shower unit.

When moving into the engine room we could see alot of things taking place.... The wiring had now been done to the electrical panels and looked very neat.

The frame had been made up to fit over the engine cover and bring the floor level up with the stern deck. The cupboard framework had been done to check that the folding bikes fitted.

Fernwood have now got the TV and we have news that Andy the boat painter should be painting the boat on November 7th....Hopefully, there should then be some celebratory fireworks.
Watch this space!!!


bottle said...


Have succumbed and started a blog, I doubt it will become a 'best seller'.

Glad to see the boat is coming along.

Keith and Ann (Oakfield)

Del and Al said...

Hi Keith & Ann
About time you got a's all a bit slow but sure, as your finding out. lol

bottle said...


Yes it is frustratingly slow but as we have been waiting three and a half years.......................

Thank you for your comment, I am already on a forum have been for nearly four years.

Anonymous said...

Boat looks great bernie