Monday, April 14, 2008

Boat, Boxes and Bon Jovi

Sorry we haven't blogged for a long time, but God it's been manic here.......

We have been updating Fernwood on the boat and trying to sort out the house with everything going into boxes and moving stuff to friends and family.

And as you may or may not know, Alison is one of the biggest Bon Jovi fans on the planet. So we are trying to organise our tour with them this year around the USA and UK. This kicks off with seeing them next week in Nashville and Florida.

As for Derwent6, we don't seem to have seen much progress, but the vent holes have now been cut out in the roof and while we were there, she was being sanded down for the undercoat to go on the roof.

The other good thing was that the engine arrived while we were there.

You can see this was very well protected and took some manovering to get it in the workshop.

When we opened the box there was not much to see, but Beta had supplied the two spare belts we asked for. Well done guys!

So we are trying to find homes for all our furniture and belongings for when we move out of our house, (hopefully at the end of May) and Ebay has helped. We have also been trying to arrange our holiday trip to America, with hotels and car hire etc, and on top of all that, make arrangements for our leaving party with all our friends and family.

It's so exciting!!!!

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