Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jim's bit of fancy

Jim has had to slow down a bit on Derwent6 due to the fact that Fernwood can't get the hull into them for a least another two weeks, but it has given him the time to get all the fancy bits right on the stern deck, roof cutouts and rails.

The port and starboard side doors have now been fitted and the stern rear door bulkhead is in.

Alexander Boat's said this boat would be ready for the end of September, and Jim has delivered.

His Quality has been second to none, and the care you can see on the final touches.

All that is needed now are for the Houdini hatches and the doors to be fitted. There is some final straightening up to do, and then Derwent6 will be blackened and primed for Fernwood.

We are off to Fernwood this week to check on progress and go through the fundamentals with Ken and Julia.

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