Monday, July 02, 2007

Derwent6 is Born

What a weekend we have had....
Yahoooooooooooooooo !!! the base plate is laid

We went to see Jim Sparks at Alexander boats, as we were told the steel had arrived for Derwent6. When we got up to him, the workshop looked empty, we asked him when was Derwent6 going to be started and he said " that's her over there"and the base plate had been laid. Wow !!! We both looked at each other and could have cried......

Here you can see the 10mm bow base plate with the two front bow sides over the top. Jim was at the ready with the coffee, but we felt we needed something stronger. We run through all the changes to the hull with Jim, and he felt none of these would be a problem.

We also went to Beta marine to see the engine build process and was met by Andrew Growcoot who took us round the factory showing us the assembly line for the engine going into Derwent6, and all the guys involved.

We saw the painting of the engine being carried out and also the testing where a technician had a engine running on the test bed. What a great bunch of lads... they can build our engine anyday.

Andrew then checked our engine build slot which is in thier books for September !!

All systems go !!!!!!!


Epiphany said...

Hey Guys,
Great news, isn't it exciting to see her started, we remember it so well! Lets hope the build now goes well - just keep an eye on things, and keep taking photos. I looked at our build photos on the other day and got quite emotional!
All the best

Anonymous said...

from the RETREAT

well done ali & del. its now on the way and now the next 3 months are going to be very interesting.
keep the photoos coming

Anonymous said...

Hi Ivoj Nob!
Congratulations on the start of Derwent6's build. Hope things keep on track. Look forward to the next update.

Dolores x

Anonymous said...


Great to hear you had a fab time with Jon, Richie & co
Dolores x

Bern said...

hi dell & ali all looks good, great to see the start of Derwent6

Del & Al said...

Thanks everyone for your support, we're really excited