Monday, June 25, 2007

Boats (Braunston and Bon Jovi)

Another hectic weekend for the Heasman household, just to take our minds off the sad occasion of last week. On the Saturday with boats in mind we decided to jump in the car and head up to Braunston to the historic boat rally, and did we pick the right day for the weather. We had a wander up the towpath looking at all the very old working boats testing their steering skills and polishing their brasses. We tested the real ales and good food, and had a really enjoyable day.

Then on the Sunday we wanted more boats, so we went up to the O2 dome as we had tickets to Al's greatest band ever......Bon Jovi

We walked around the dome glaring at the Thames, waiting for the next boat to come along and guess what....the Band had turned up to do their sound check for the concert that night so we had prime position for all the best pics
We then run up to the car they were getting in and got a few more

The Dome was very impressive with loads of bars and places to eat in a brick paved walkway that went all the way round the venue. There was lots going on, with street entertainment to celebrate the opening.

The concert was fantastic and will leave a memory forever. What was weird was they played "It's my life" (which is a song about living your life now, to the full, following your dreams, because no one lives forever) to a back drop of canals and rivers !!!!!

If this ain't telling us something I don't know what is, we had tears in our eyes.

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Anonymous said...

What a great day you must have had.
it could have been an omen so lets hope it is.
apart from poor sad marmite things seem to be going your way.
keep your fingers crossed