Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Brass,Builder and Bikes

After a great week on N.B Thema it really focused the mind onto Derwent6.

God! we so want to do this !!!

So after leaving the marina, we headed on up to the guys who will be doing the 15" grand union portholes and watched liquid brass being poured into casts. Hopefully we will be able to help pouring Derwent6's portholes soon. We were asking about some double glazed portholes which are in this space !!

From there we went back to Fernwood Craft as we need to confirm build start dates and some other issues we had with stern deck height and manual pumpout points. We found out that our engine build slot has been booked with Beta marine. Derwent6 will have a Beta BV2203S which is a green line engine encased in a box to make it as quiet as can be, but we still haven't got the generator sorted out because Beta do a 3.5 kVa which will be too small for Derwent6 and a 7 kVA which is to large. We understand that Beta marine have a 5 kVA generator in this space !!!

Well it looks like it could be all go in early May (and don't worry, we will be there to watch the base plate go down). So we are working hard again, double checking the shell spec's and now looking at interior fabrics etc.
Our next meeting with Fernwood will be in June after the Crick Boat show which is at the end of May.

We have now purchased two of the bike's featured earlier in a 18" and 20" frame which had to be brought over from the State's, and are very difficult to get. So we now have our old bikes up for sale! ( a good buy for somebody)

We have made some slight changes to the plans of Derwent6, one being that we were going to have glass panels made up for the side doors, but now feel we will have perspex panels instead because of the weight, and also they don't have a condensation problem, and won't smash when dropped.
N.B Thema has perspex, and it won't scratch if looked after. Thema is fourteen years old and they still look as good as new. Also these panels can be swapped for fly screens, for those hot summer night's.

More on the other changes soon !!!!!


Joy & Steve said...

We really do take it for granted when we see the beautiful narrow boats on our waterways and don't think at all about what has to be considered to make them look as good as they do. It's unbelievable that you almost have to think about the impact of every last bolt and nail! At least you have everything under control ... or so it would appear!

Look forward to the next blog update!

Del & Al said...

Thanks!! Appearences are deceptive! Time seems to be flying by.....and we still have loads to do, but we are getting there.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comment over on Warrior ... hadn't visited here before. What a joy it is so see people so happy and enthusiastic about their boat!

Epiphany said...

Oh the joys of decisions and the minute and large changes when having a nb built. Like you it is all documented on our nb Epiphany blog. Memories! Oh the joys when its all over and you know it is what you wanted and it is wonderful!
Good luck with everything, keep us all posted!

Del & Al said...

Thanks Fiona, I know, its all go at the moment....not sure how we are fitting it all in!! (family, friends, boat and of course work!!) Its great reading your blog as it keeps us going whilst waiting for the build to start!!

Del & Al said...

Thanks Sarah.....