Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oh! My God

We've done it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
We've signed contracts Ya Hooooooo and we both feel really good about it. Ken and Julia were Fantastic...We were at Fernwood for about 10 hours, but went through the whole specifications for Derwent6.
The blueprints for the hull build have been signed, and it's all systems go, we need to see Jim Sparks at Alexander Boats now, to check with him the hull changes we have made, and for him to add his special touches.

Mind you we are a bit poorer, but to hell with it it's only money.


Elsie said...

Hi Del and Al, we look forward to watching your boat grow. December 2007 will soon come! We are a week into the liveaboard life- shattered but enjoying it! Bye for now Elsie & Eric

alf said...

well it all seems to be moving off now. up to now its been like a dream, reality has locked in and now i bet you just can't wait to get on board.
with what you have to do time will fly by.
look forward to reading the prigress towards D-day
pam & alf